Joe Orton Laid Bare (BBC2)

I gave background for the BBC Two drama, “Joe Orton Laid Bare,” a documentary about Joe Orton’s life and death made for the 50th anniversary of his death and broadcast on November 25, 2017.  Fascinatingly, the documentary not only stages excerpts not only from the major plays but from interesting minor works such as “Until […]


Sorry about the blog fail: this is what sabbatical does to a person, though I am writing, writing, writing (!!!) my book provisionally titled Vidding: A History.  But here are a few other updates from me. I had an absolutely marvelous time talking to Eric Molinsky and Stephanie Billman on Slate’s Imaginary Worlds podcast; my episode […]

Henry Jenkins interviews me about The Fanfiction Reader!

This is the placeholder parts for the 3 part interview about The Fanfiction Reader that I did with Henry Jenkins, Professor of Communications at USC and author of Textual Poachers (among many, many other influential works on fandom, participatory culture, and spreadable media.) Part One: “Bringing Fan Fiction into the Classroom: An Interview With Francesca […]

Billboard Interview

I was interviewed by Adrienne Gaffney for Billboard Magazine on how teenage girls and fandom impact the music industry. The resulting article, “The Business of Fandom: How Teenage Girls Predict the Future of Culture,”, was published on 9/13/2017. Excerpt: I think girls saw something in the Beatles that the Beatles then picked up on. So […]

The Culture Gabfest talks fanfiction & The Fanfiction Reader

The guys on Slate’s Culture Gabfest, a podcast, discussed fanfiction and my book, The Fanfiction Reader, as part of their September 6, 2017 episode “Look What You Made Richard Dreyfuss Do. The blurb for the episode: Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the 40th anniversary re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, […]

The Fanfiction Reader – Reviewed In The New Yorker!

This is mostly a placeholder post for when I stop screaming with joy out my apartment window, but The Fanfiction Reader just got a great, thoughtful, really clued-in review from Steph Burt in The New Yorker (!!): The Promise and Potential of Fan Fiction. I said on my Tumblr that this was the first zine […]

50th Anniversary Orton Celebration

There has been fantastic press and many interesting educational opportunities surrounding the August 9, 2017 anniversary of Joe Orton’s death on August 9, 1967 – a death that was within weeks of the decriminalization of homosexuality in England. Perhaps my favorite artifact, however, is the Joe Orton board game developed by students: it’s not every […]

My Strong Opinions (Loosely Held)

This site is still a work in progress but if anyone’s following, I was on the latest episode of Strong Opinions Loosely Held with my friend, Elisa Kreisinger. “Teenage Girls Are Magic.”

Queer Female Fandom, a special issue of TWC

The fan studies journal Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC) has just announced the release of their special issue on Queer Female fandom, guest edited by Julie Levin Russo and Eve Ng. This area of fan research is so under-represented; this is an amazing and desperately needed addition to work on fandom. Run, don’t walk. TWC […]

Male Fanfic

Note to self: It occurs to me that I have to write an article about the canon of male fanfic “fixing” the situation of those liberated women: Nora Helmer and Irene Adler, as I mentioned last post, but also Eliza Doolittle, despite Shaw’s endless meta trying to stop them doing it. I bet there are […]